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Adding Some Additional Security Measures to restful_authentication

{ Posted on Mar 29 2009 by Dan }
If you've been paying attention to the web lately, you've probably heard of twitter and probably also remember hearing about this. Well, I've been wanting to implement something that would have prevented that hack into restful_authentication for a long ...Read More »

Extending the will_paginate Rails Plugin

{ Posted on Mar 09 2009 by Dan }
Recently I needed a little extra functionality for paginating. Specifically, I wanted to know if I was on the last page, and if so, add some content below my list of paginated stuff. Unfortunately, Mislav's, will_paginate plugin does ...Read More »

More Advanced Searching Techniques with Rails

{ Posted on Mar 06 2009 by Dan }
For my first real post, I want to start off looking at searching and drilling down a list of objects. It's based on Railscast 112, the one on anonymous scopes, but with a few other things thrown in for ...Read More »