Generating custom XML for your rails app

{ Posted on May 13 2009 by Dan }
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Categories : Ruby on Rails
Rails provides a very simple way to generate xml. Most of the time though, it is much too verbose. Current information obtained by google does not seem to provide all the info needed to generate custom xml. Keep reading to find out how to generate your own custom xml for your rails 2.3 apps. Read More »

Adding Some Additional Security Measures to restful_authentication

{ Posted on Mar 29 2009 by Dan }
Have you ever wanted to restful_authentication to lock out users after too many incorrect login attempts? I've always want to do that and for this post, I'll show you what I came up with to do just that. It really isn't that complicated and adds some extra security to your site. Read More »

Extending the will_paginate Rails Plugin

{ Posted on Mar 09 2009 by Dan }
Sometimes plugins only give you 99% of what you need. What do you do when you need a little more functionality? You add it yourself. See how I added a couple extra methods to Mislav's will_paginate plugin here. Read More »

More Advanced Searching Techniques with Rails

{ Posted on Mar 06 2009 by Dan }
Another look at using anonymous scopes inside a rails app to apply different sets of conditions to an advanced search. Also, instead of using the boring rails date_select helper to select dates, I chose to use Filament Groups jQuery Date Range Picker plugin to select a range of dates. Read More »